Darker Nights

In this blog, we will discuss the increased need for security as the clocks go back and the nights become darker.

As the nights draw in, opportunist thieves are thriving. For lots of criminals, the darkness helps them commit their crimes. Intruders can move around undetected during the darker nights.

Co-op Insurance reveals that the darker nights lead to more burglaries, with the number of theft claims increasing by 35% in the months following the clocks going back.

Most thefts taking place between 4pm to 7pm, during dark winter evenings. 63% of burglaries are carried out in homes without a security system.

The Office for National Statistics puts the average cost of domestic burglary at around £3,000.


How to stay vigilant / getting secure

Catching criminals

To catch criminal’s security measures must be able to deter and detect.

• Keep properties well lit to light up any unwanted visitors and spotlight any suspicious activity.
CCTV that provides live stream footage and two-way audio to allow contact with those detected.
• A property marking kit is designed to make valuables less appealing to criminals, also allowing items to be traced in the event of theft.

Unoccupied home

It is important to make homes look occupied when left unattended to potentially discourage opportunist thieves.

• A Segment Timer can give the illusion that a property is occupied, automatically activating electrical appliances at pre-set times.
• The Defender Plug in Simulated TV mimics the light projected from a television to convince a burglar that people are home even when absent.

Entry points

67% of burglaries take place through a door, security measures to protect entry points are essential.

• The Solon Slide Jammer is designed to lock, restrict, or open sliding windows and doors, preventing intruders from accessing relevant entry points.
• Many burglars target walls or fences as easy entry points, by placing Cactus Strips on walls or fences prevents unwanted visitors scaling the perimeters of a property.
• Most intruders are opportunist thieves resulting in the need for instant access, Window Alert Alarms activate a powerful siren as an intruder attempts to smash a window.