Summer Security

In this blog, we will provide you with valuable advice on how to stay safe during the summer, whether you are at home or outside.

During the summer months, the crime rate tends to rise along with the temperature. This means that you are just as likely to become a victim of robbery whether you are inside your home or out and about.

Kent Police reveal that home burglaries increase by 12% in the summer months.


Securing Entry Points


Over 30% of burglaries take place through a window.

• Leaving windows unlocked or open can provide an opportunity for a burglar to enter and exit your property without attracting attention.
• Add an extra layer of security with a Defender Window Alert Alarm; an impressive intruder alarm that will activate when a forced entry occurs.
• A Sash Jammer can prevent windows and doors from opening for potential burglars, providing peace of mind.

Doors / Sliding Doors

67% of criminals gain access to a property through a door.

• The Defender Door Stop is perfect for warm weather. It enables doors to remain slightly open, providing ventilation to a room while still keeping the door secure.
• The Solon Slide Jammer is designed to lock, restrict, or open sliding windows and doors, preventing intruders from accessing relevant entry points.


Opportunistic burglars will often target these areas first, as they know they can find the tools they need to break into the main house.

• The Defender Shock Contact Alarm will improve the security of your garage. It emits a loud siren when someone forces the door or when it opens, forcing intruders away.
• Protect the outside of your garage with the Defender Max Ultra.  An extremely bright, outdoor solar-powered security light with a motion sensor, that detects motion from 6 to 12 meters away.
• A Defender Door Brace can be used on a closed door to prevent the door from the garage to the house from being opened. This door bar has a high tolerance, withstanding up to 250kg of force.


Leaving Your Property

Summer holidays are a great time to jet off and leave your troubles behind, but don’t forget to secure your home before you do.

Timer Plugs

Manual timers and smart plugs are easy to set and can make it seem like someone is home, adding to the security of your property.

Simulated TV / Fake TV

A simulated TV can make your home look occupied by mimicking the light projected from a regular television. It plugs directly into the wall, eliminating the need to worry about batteries going flat while you’re away.