The Defender Mini 24 Hour Segment Timer is a compact and reliable timer switch that allows you to set electrical appliances to turn on/off at pre-set times.

Ideal burglary deterrent, giving the appearance that a home is occupied. Beneficial for vulnerable or repeat victims allowing them to feel secure in their own home.

Typically used as a security device, it also eliminates the need to switch lights on and off, reducing the risk of tripping on cables.

Easy to set up, each segment equates to 30 minutes. The scaled down design allows appliances to be plugged in next to the unit.

  • • Plug in timer switch
    • Pre-set any electrical appliance
    • Activate at a designated time
    • Suitable for any appliance up to 3,200W
    • Small and compact
    • 1 segment = 30 minutes
    • Gives the impression someone is home
    • Perfect for Christmas decorations
    • Colour: White & Grey
    • 12-month guarantee

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Defender Mini 24 Hour Segment Timer


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