The car number plate fixing kit includes anti-tamper screws and caps to prevent theft or tampering of the license plates.

Thieves commonly steal car registration plates of innocent motorists to carry out crimes undetected!

To install the anti-theft screws, you will need a standard screwdriver. However, a special tool will be required for removal.

According to Direct Line, a total of 53,000 number plates were stolen from vehicles in the year 2021.

Make your registration plates impossible to steal with normal tools.

Contains anti-tamper screws in 5 different sizes (4 in each size), to suit all number plates, plus different coloured security caps.

Packed in a convenient pouch with an instruction card – as bought by UK Police!

What does the Car Number Plate Fixing Kit include?

Screws (4 in each size) for front and rear:
• 20 x 5.7mm
• 19 x 4.5mm
• 19 x 4mm
• 19 x 3.5mm
• 12 x 5mm

Security caps for front and rear:
• 4 x Black
• 2 x White
• 2 x Yellow

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Defender Car Number Plate Fixing Kit


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