Prepare For The Darker Nights

In this blog, we will discuss the increased need for home and personal security products as the nights draw in.

For lots of criminals, the darkness helps them commit their crimes as they can move around undetected. Burglaries increase by 35% in the months following the clocks going back.

West Midlands Police state that dark evenings can provide perfect cover for burglars.


Make Your Home More Secure

As Autumn is among us, the evenings are drawing in. Opportunist thieves thrive in the darkness, as it helps them commit their crimes.

Smart Plugs will allow you to remotely control electrical appliances from your smartphone, to make your home look occupied while you’re at work.
• Light up unwanted guests with a Defender Max Ultra – help to deter and detect an intruder on private property.
• Lock your sheds and outbuildings and consider adding a Defender Shock Contact Alarm for an extra layer of security.

Protect Yourself When You’re Out & About

• Carry a Personal Alarm to provide peace of mind, designed to deter a potential attacker and attract the attention of bystanders.
• An Impact Personal Alarm Torch will allow you to walk your dog at night without the fear of being followed.
• Road safety is also important during the darker nights, ensure you can be seen on your bike with the Defender Lumos Pro.